A letter from our Chief Growth Officer, Javier Gonzalez, on COVID-19

Every day, we are witnessing incredible acts of heroism and selflessness. If there is good that has come out of this global emergency, it is that we are being reminded about the sacrifices so many people — physicians, nurses, first responders, pharmacists, and others — are willing to make to protect the life and health of others.

Although the global scale of the current emergency is unprecedented, we are also reminded that this is not the first “once in a lifetime” event many of us have experienced over the past few years. Those of us living or working in Puerto Rico, for instance, have recently faced a 100-year hurricane and a devastating earthquake. Unfortunately, these are also likely not the last major crisis we will experience.

Yet, at Abarca, we remain optimists. It’s part of what makes us Abarcans. We believe deeply that if we treat each other like family, never lose sight of our responsibility to our community and neighbors, and always plan for the future, we will not only survive these events — we will come out even stronger on the other side.

Although Abarca works behind the scenes in healthcare, we are proud of what we do and the difference we can make. During the COVID crisis, for example, we are helping our clients to expand medication access, lower costs, and ensure patients receive their prescriptions. We are honored to support those on the front lines and quietly do our part to help us all get through this, together.

In the meantime, we hope you all stay safe and healthy. And please, feel free to reach out to us if we can help you at any time.

All In,
Javier Gonzalez, Pharm.D.
Chief Growth Officer


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