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Americans are spending nearly half a trillion dollars every year on prescription benefits. It’s a system that isn’t working for payers, members, or providers but it doesn’t need to be this way. We believe costs should be lower, hassles should be fewer, and the experience should be better. And with smarter technology and a straightforward approach to business, we are ready to lead the way.

save money drug spend

Save money.

Through a combination of aggressive pharmacy network design, the right formulary and clinical programs, rebates, and competitive admin fees, we help payers minimize costs while maximizing the health and healthcare experience for members. We also offer other services to reduce spending while improving outcomes and the member experience, such as:
  • Advanced analytics, audits, and reporting
  • Benefit quality assurance
  • Drug utilization reviews
  • Tailored financial models such as Assura, our new net cost guarantee pricing solution.
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Pharmacy benefit management platform for members

Improve the Health of Your Members.

Just like our technology platform, our five-star clinical programs are at the cutting edge, including:
  • Medication therapy management
  • Utilization management programs
  • Disease management programs for complex and costly conditions such as Hepatitis C
  • Medication adherence programs
We have also developed a first-of-its-kind partnership with pharmaceutical manufacturers that ensures financial accountability for the costs associated with medications that are not effective or result in adverse reactions. Learn More
business intelligence accreditation score

Trust your partner...and your numbers.

The era of PBM shell games is now over. We only charge payers the amount we remit to the pharmacy. It’s that simple. Learn More
healthcare administration platform

Work Smarter.

We built our platform, Darwin, from the ground up to be efficient and intuitive. Change benefit designs on the fly, answer questions -- from members and management -- quickly and accurately, access analytics that mean something. Our customer retention rates are unheard of in the industry, and technology that dramatically improves workflow is part of the reason why.
  • Benefit design, eligibility, and formulary management through a next-generation platform and interface
  • Advanced analytics, reporting, and predictive modeling
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improve member experience

Improve the Member Experience.

Whether members are at the pharmacy or on the phone with customer service, the healthcare experience just got better. Shorter wait times. Faster answers. Higher satisfaction.
  • Member engagement and adherence programs
  • Required and supplemental member communications
  • Retail, mail order, and specialty pharmacy networks
  • Discount, loyalty and patient assistance programs
  • High touch customer service
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Fire In The Belly
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fire in the belly

Exude contagious passion, positive energy and unrelenting will to succeed.



Why can’t healthcare be awesome? We say it can. And we are making it awesome for millions of consumers across America and the plan sponsors that serve them. Contact us to learn more.

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