Abarca Forward forges strategies for adopting AI and transformative models in healthcare

Healthcare and technology leaders discussed and debated necessary changes for industry evolution, including the role of pharmacies, GLP-1s, and price transparency.

San Juan, P.R. — Abarca, a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) transforming the industry with a new approach to technology and business practices, brought healthcare and technology leaders together at the third annual Abarca Forward Conference to discuss, co-create, and debate how to create a better care experience for everyone.

“The healthcare landscape is undergoing a transformation,” said Jason Borschow, president and CEO at Abarca. “The industry needs to find ways to accelerate this progress and make healthcare more seamless, personalized, and convenient for everyone. And that’s what we’re solving for at Abarca Forward.”

This year, Abarca Forward offered an in-depth exploration of AI in pharmacy benefit management. This included a co-creation session led by Microsoft and Xtillion that enabled attendees to experience the capabilities of AI in real time.

“AI is an existential opportunity and threat to every organization in healthcare, and now is the time to act,” said Bertil Chappuis, Chief Executive Officer at Xtillion and keynote speaker at Abarca Forward. “Companies today have access to the data and AI platforms, tools, and foundational models to drive dramatic improvements to the experience of patients and providers. Doing so will require that leadership teams get deeply involved in defining the right objectives and scope, assembling the right cross-functional teams, and putting in place modern data platforms and operating models.”

“AI has the power to transform every industry, including healthcare,” added Andy Kaplan, Country Manager for Microsoft Puerto Rico. “From enhancing patient and doctor experiences to improving cost management and access to medical attention, the industry will undergo a massive evolution driven by the transformative power of AI.”

Additional sessions explored the forces that are changing the healthcare landscape today, including GLP-1s, the evolving role of pharmacies, and price clarity around prescriptions.

“To deliver the kind of seamless and personalized care experiences worthy of our family and friends, the healthcare industry needs to embrace change and think boldly about the future,” said Alison Lum, vice president of Pharmacy Services at Blue Shield of California. “It was great to have the opportunity to come together to discuss new ways to accelerate transformation in order to provide cost clarity, better care, and greater value to every American.”

The event featured speakers from leading national healthcare and technology organizations, including Blue Shield of California, Blue Cross of Idaho, Evio Pharmacy Solutions, FRESH Medicine, Gemini Health, GoodRx, Medtronic, PerformRx, Walgreens, and Welldoc.

To learn more about Abarca Forward, visit www.abarcaforward.com.


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