Abarca leads session on PBM technology at PBMI National Conference

Mar 13, 2019

Palm Springs, CA – Jason Borschow, Abarca’s CEO, was selected to lead the session “PBM Technology: Stuck in the past or changing the future” at the 2019 PBMI’s National Conference in Palm Springs, CA.

The interactive presentation discussed the current state of PBM technology, the components necessary to create a truly modern platform, and what the future looks like for the healthcare industry at large.

If you weren’t able to attend the session in person, don’t worry–you can see the entire presentation below:

Have you met Darwin?

Users of legacy systems know the frustrations of having to toggle between programs and screens, retyping data, coding tables and drug lists, and waiting for upgrades and fixes to address basic business and compliance needs. Darwin, Abarca’s smarter PBM platform, ends these drains on accuracy, productivity, and morale. This industry leading technology is cloud-based, mobile friendly, secure, permission based, and point-and-click easy.

Darwin integrates claims processing, pharmacy network, prior authorizations, clinical programs, Medicare and Medicaid compliance, rebate management—EVERYTHING—into a single, fast, friendly interface. Invoicing, payments, and all other financial functions can be seamlessly integrated into a PBM’s general ledger, fully automating the accounting cycle, and dramatically reducing overhead.

Legacy PBM platforms are so yesterday. Contact us and see what tomorrow looks like.


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