Abarca Health: Leadership starts by putting people first

Dec 22, 2018

People are the driving force behind any organization. They set the tone for everything, from business development and what programs are offered to company culture and employee engagement.

In my nearly 20 years working with some of America’s most recognizable brands, I have seen more than my fair share of leaders–some great, some good, and some who struggle. Recently I was given the opportunity to address this topic with a local National Honor Society chapter, and I shared the common traits I’ve noticed in great leaders:

  • People-first focus: A leader is not afraid to learn from others. They should empower the people around them to contribute, innovate, and take risks—no matter what level they are within an organization.
  • Fire in the belly: A good leader is passionate. They are driven by the task at hand and are unrelenting in their will to succeed. Their energy is contagious and serves as inspiration for the people around them.
  • Desire to learn: Learning shouldn’t stop in the classroom. A great leader is in constant pursuit of knowledge and finding better ways to achieve their goals. They also know that inspiration can come from unexpected places.

The healthcare industry is currently facing a shortage of real leadership. The large PBMs, in particular, have demonstrated an affinity for driving shareholder value while overlooking opportunities to improve member experience, provide truly innovative clinical services, hold drug makers accountable for the performance and value of their products, and lower costs. It doesn’t have to be this way.

At Abarca, we never lose sight of the fact that healthcare should be about people. We are passionate about finding ways to personalize some of the initiatives that have become almost turnkey in our industry–like contracting and patient programs. This approach is nearly unheard of for a PBM. And we are motivated to find a better way, and create PBM awesomeness.

This blog was written by Sonymarie Socarrás, VP of Strategy to Execution


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