Abarca presented at the American College of Healthcare Executives 2021 event

May 17, 2021

At Abarca, we believe that to lead a successful multi-generational organization, the work culture language must be designed in a way that speaks to people from all generations. That is why we built our culture with a definite purpose and firm foundation of values.

Abarcans work hard to build a foundation of trust with everyone we touch: our customers, our partners, the patients we serve, and each of us in the Abarca family. With trust, we can be relentless and question anything in our quest for a better way. We connect with every handshake, every word we speak, every insight, and every innovation.

Mercibel Gonzalez, Vice President of Talent Strategy at Abarca, shared her perspective on leading a successful multi-generational organization at an event from the American College of Healthcare Executives. Here some of the top takeaways from her presentation. 

Employee Benefits for a multigenerational workforce

Abarca has a diverse workforce where 70% are Millennials (Gen Y). Abarcans speak many languages, come from different cultures and backgrounds, and have their own unique skills and talents. 

Our Abarcan Care and Abarcan Growth benefits platforms were built with these generational preferences in mind. 

The ABARCAN CARE platform offers:

  • Work Flexibility
  • Unlimited Personal Time Off (PTO)
  • Diversity and Inclusion Programs
  • Recognition Program
  • Wellness Program
  • Gym Membership
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement Plan
  • Baby Bonus

The ABARCAN GROWTH platform offers:

  • Career Path
  • Growth Assessment Process
  • Learning Tools and Programs
  • Individual and Team Coaching
  • Brain Fit Training and Certification Programs
  • Employee-run Community Programs
  • Team Building Events

An inclusive culture is key to leverage the benefits of a multigenerational workforce

Just as important, inclusion must be at the heart of your multigenerational organization for it to operate successfully. Our commitment is to treat all Abarcans with respect and dignity no matter their age, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, nationality, family or marital status, physical and mental ability, race, religion, sexual orientation, perspective, socio-economic status, education, or political affiliation. 

We strive to promote a workplace that encourages and celebrates diversity of thoughts and reflects the communities we serve, where Abarcans feel free to bring their full, authentic selves to work. Our belief is that inclusion drives innovation, creativity, competitiveness, flexibility and positions us for success. 

To have a successful multigenerational organization, it is crucial to constantly adapt, evolve, and to be conscious of including the following values into your workplace initiatives and processes:

  • Adaptability and agility
  • Grassroots mentoring
  • Learning processes
  • Diversity of thought 
  • Open communication
  • New perspectives
  • Innovation

To conclude, leading a successful multigenerational organization is an ongoing learning process. It is absolutely vital to constantly work to improve engagement amongst your workforce by encouraging collaboration between employees of all ages and providing them the necessary tools to do so. 

A successful multigenerational organization relies on your entire team to accept differences and create trust through accountability. At Abarca, we recognize that one employee’s weakness may be another’s strength — and that a diverse skill set is necessary for tackling and overcoming challenging problems.


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