Looking back at the Puerto Rico Health & Insurance Conference with Adriana Ramirez

Nov 2, 2021

Earlier this year, Adriana Ramirez, Abarca’s COO, was invited to moderate a panel at the Puerto Rico Health & Insurance Conference. The session, “The Use of Technology to Improve Care Delivery & Patient Outcomes,” and the conference itself, touched upon some of the principles at the core of Abarca’s mission.

The Puerto Rico Health & Insurance Conference brings leaders together from across the Island’s healthcare industry. This year, the event focused on three pressing topics: investment in secondary prevention; addressing social determinants of health to reduce barriers to access, and interoperability to deliver effective healthcare services.

The common theme throughout these tracks was the importance of technology in identifying, addressing, and monitoring patients’ health to improve outcomes, reduce waste, and make healthcare better.

As a PBM, Abarca has a responsibility–and a unique opportunity–to leverage our advanced technology to address these challenges, and make healthcare awesome for our clients, and their employees and members.

Take, for example, our home delivery app—Triple-S en Casa. Developed based on member feedback, this app allows users to order, manage, and track their medications. It also utilizes patient data from across the healthcare system to improve their experience. The user-friendly app makes it easy for members to stay engaged in their health, and reliably access their medications. This helps them stay adherent and improve their health outcomes.

We’re encouraged to see how the healthcare community in Puerto Rico is embracing technology as a way to improve member health and satisfaction. And we are ready to go Off Road to help deliver.

This blog was written by Coral Cotto Negrón, Ph.D., MS, Product Manager, Clinical Products and Services at Abarca.


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