Meet Darwin’s new Drug Review Tool

Feb 25, 2022

Meet Darwin’s new Drug Review Tool! With this solution, Abarca clients and Darwin™ users may access real-time information on drug maintenance and will have full visibility of ongoing medication changes to health plan formularies.

What were the challenges users were facing? 

Clients were experiencing a longer time period to complete the review process of formularies and the analysis of medication coverage due to having to use a manual on-demand Analytics report that when generated, provided the weekly medication updates from both Medi-Span and Formularies. 

What are some of the Pain Points we are addressing?

  • Avoid the weekly wait View formulary medication changes on a real-time, daily, weekly, you name it, basis.  
  • Ease of Access Access information with an easy-to-use tool and navigation system in Darwin™. 
  • Optimize Multiple Formulary Reviews Allow users to access and search by multiple Formularies instead of generating an Excel report for each Formulary straight in Darwin™.
  • Increase in Performance Too much data in an Excel report can generate errors and become non-responsive. An accessible and high software quality tool in Darwin™ minimizes that gap.
  • Reduce Cross-Page Navigation Provide users with a great variety of both Formulary and Medi-Span information all accessible within the same Tool. 

What innovative features are we adding?

  • Darwin™ users can now confirm and provide additional comments and reasons with our NEW Verified option to support formulary review decisions.
  • Refer or assign a drug change to another user with our NEW Assign To option.
  • Users will not only be able to visualize the medication updates but also use our Edit option to update any restrictions or indicators to the drug formulary in real-time.

What is next for this Tool?

  • Improvements in drug list usability navigation and access within the Tool.
  • Ability to add additional valuable functionalities to support clinical operation decisions across multiple formularies and lines of business.
  • Expansion of the Tool to also display details from relevant Medi-Span information updates such as the following:
    • New Generics
    • New GPIs and molecules
    • Expired and Inactive NDCs
    • Changes in Drug Codes and IDs

Reach out to your Client Advisor to learn how to start using this tool today!



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