Mobile solutions: A better way in member experience

Jan 25, 2022

The healthcare industry is becoming increasingly digital–particularly when it comes to providing resources for patients.

At Abarca, we say it’s about time. We have always operated under the belief that smarter technology and a better member experience are critical to improving adherence and outcomes, lowering costs, and making healthcare better for everyone.

Through AbarcaMX, our suite of digital products, tools, and apps, we offer our members:

  • Digital products that give them the ability to engage with their pharmacy benefits.
  • An improved member experience that is accessible and intuitive.
  • Access to Darwin™, and its advanced capabilities.
  • Easy access to their health information.
  • Powerful mobile apps to help manage, order, and track medications.
  • User-friendly portals, including:
    • My Rx Home: a comprehensive homepage for managing pharmacy benefits.
    • My Meds: prescription management tools.
    • My Conditions: making it easy to stay on top of chronic conditions.
    • Find a Pharmacy: find nearby network pharmacies and compare prices.
    • My Rx Benefits: review information pertaining to health plan coverage and costs.
    • My Plan Documents: find and download forms, Explanation of Benefits (EOB) letters, and other documents.
    • Cost Estimator: calculate the cost of prescriptions.

And we’re just getting started.

We are consistently looking for new ways to use our advanced technology to engage members in their own health. And through Darwin™, our industry-leading technology platform, the sky’s the limit for what we can deliver.

This blog was written by Hector Zeno, Product Owner of Member Engagement Products at Abarca.


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