Abarca Health transforming the quality of life of children in need

May 25, 2019

San Juan, PR – Abarcans are leading a revolution in the healthcare industry and there is no stronger testament to this than the work performed through their Better Care Community Program (BCCP). As part of this new initiative, Abarcans chose four organizations, two of which are children’s homes in Puerto Rico, as beneficiaries of grants and volunteer support to be received throughout the next year. Such support will allow the organizations to carry out their unique projects to improve the health and wellbeing of the children they serve.

One of these organizations is the Hogar Albergue para Niños Jesus de Nazaret (Jesus of Nazareth Shelter and Home for Children) in Mayagüez, that offers refuge, food, transportation, health services, education, recreation, social, and psychological support to victims of child abuse and neglect. The shelter serves newborns to children of 11 years of age who have been removed from their homes by the Department of Social Services. Their vision is to provide a safe home full of love, care, and protection; and to provide caregivers with the necessary tools to ensure a better quality of life for the children.

Antoinette Beltrán Meléndez, Hogar Albergue para Niños Jesús de Nazareth, #BetterCare, Nayda Rivera, and Jason Borschow
Antoinette Beltrán Meléndez (Executive Director of Hogar Albergue para Niños Jesús de Nazareth) and the Abarcan #BetterCare Community Committee, as well as its Director, Nayda Rivera, and Jason Borschow (Abarca’s President & CEO).

The second shelter is the Hogar Infantil Jesus Nazareno (Nazareno Jesus Children’s Home) in Isabela. It provides a safe and loving home for children aged 0 months up to 8 years of age who have been removed from their homes due to mistreatment and abandonment; whether it be caused by their parent’s negligence, sexual abuse, exploitation, physical or and/or emotional abuse. Their aim is to improve the child’s life by caring for them from an early age, setting forth the base for proper growth, development and education.

Yelitza López Nieves, Hogar Infantil Jesus Nazareno, Abarcan #BetterCare
Yelitza López Nieves, Director of Hogar Infantil Jesus Nazareno and the Abarcan #BetterCare Community volunteer team.

As program beneficiaries, the Mayagüez located shelter will be provided financial support to aid them in buying medical equipment for their onsite clinic, whereas the Isabela shelter will receive funds to cover the shelter’s pediatrician’s fees.

The Abarcan BCCP committee for the Jesus of Nazareth Shelter and Home for Children in Mayagüez will be led by Yorelis Barreto, and mentored by Nahir González, VP of Finance. The core team of Abarcans also includes: Karleyn Rivera, Marta Torres, and Verónica Pérez. 

The BCCP committee for Hogar Infantil Jesús Nazareno for Children in Isabela, will be led by Adriana Figueroa and mentored by Mercibel Gonzalez, VP of Talent Strategy, with the core team of Abarcans including: Leslie González, Yara Lugo, Juan Nieves, and Kristine Rosario. 

Both self-nominated squads will participate in leadership trainings as part of the organizational development program Abarcan Growth. The BCCP is a valuable opportunity for Abarca to utilize its resources and competencies at the service of both organizations to improve the quality of life of children in need.

We hope that their stories inspire and encourage you to join this great cause. What’s more, we look forward to witnessing the power of Abarcans at work, putting forth their time and effort to help find a better way and make healthcare awesome for everyone.

Find out how you can donate, sponsor or help our shelters for the children of Mayaguez and Isabela towards providing them a better education, nutrition, medical services, recreational services and general expenses. Together, we can transform the lives of children in need, one child at a time. 


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